About Me

Lesley McConnell Author

Like many, my life has taken me on many detours, journeys and destinations.

I began my journey being blessed with working with children as an Early Childhood Teacher. I often wondered who the teacher was. Because children also have parents or carers who often have struggles of their own (and not being one who liked to do anything without formal qualifications), I decided to undertake a career in Counseling. It was during this process that a client of mine suggested hypnotherapy and it was here that everything clicked.

I had found my purpose and calling, hence Hypnobalance evolved combining the Body, Mind (Learned behaviour) and Soul (the heartlight) .

To keep our physical bodies healthy we need to ensure that our subconscious mind is sending the right messages.

A great deal of my knowledge, gained through personal experience, coupled with my formal qualification allows me to offer both hypnotherapy and Counselling.

Becoming an Author in the Domestic Violence Space 

I recently combined my personal and professional experiences in a new way to complete a special writing project. In 2018, Black Tears, (my first book!) was published by Ocean Reeve Publishing. The book came out of my years of working with families suffering intergenerational trauma, and it stemmed from my heartfelt wish to see children given better chances in life. Black Tears is a positive book designed to help parents and children find a way out of the vicious cycle of domestic violence. 

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Lesley McConnell JP(Qual)
ADEC; Dip Counselling; B Education (Early Childhood); Grad Cert Training & Development;
Dip Community Services; Cert IV in Marriage Celebrancy; Grad Dip Counselling; Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy